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 GXEAST.COM is a professional export distribution platform of building materials, which specially provides sourcing building materials for the international building contractor and the independent building materials store. (Yes, we are specialize in the export of building materials.)

Based on the strongly professional and service abilities, GXEAST is able to offer one-stop procurement and export service of building material for you from iron nails to reinforcing bar, from doors and windows to construction machinery, as well as from gloves to wooden timber. (No matter how complicated your purchase list will be, we do not mind, various items of building materials, large or small, are all available)


 So you can enjoy the services from GXEAST as follows:

Sales-----You can buy the building materials products directly from the GXEAST just by clicking the button Add to Cart .

 Procurement-----If you do not find the suitable building materials in the GXEAST platform, please give us the wish list, we will be pleased to help.

 Warehousing-----Centralized storage of building materials and products that you will purchase.

 Container loading-----We arrange the cargo container, also we can put different goods into different containers according to your requirement.

 Transportation-----Shipment booking and documents preparation.

 Quality-----Quality control will be provided.

 Price-----Purchase cost will be controlled.

 (Yes, we do all these jobs and you can be rest assured.)


GXEAST platform is operated by a professional foreign trade company ----Guangdong Metals & Minerals Import & Export Group Corporation (Located in Guangzhou, it was established in 1953)

 All products will be exported by Guangdong Metals & Minerals Import & Export Group Corporation or its subsidiary Guangdong Metals & Minerals Import & Export Corporation Ltd.

GXEAST wins strong support from Guangdong Guangxin Holdings Group Ltd., which has more than 20 subordinated enterprises, among which four are A-share listed companies.


OK, Just trust us!

Questions & Answers


What is GXEAST. com?
GXEAST.com is a professional e-commerce platform for export distribution of building materials, specially provides sourcing and distribution services to building contractors and independent building materials dealers.

How to buy on line from GXEAST?
Simply click the button Add to Cart on GXEAST, or please send us by email a list of the building materials you need.

How about the price?
We apply the quantity discount pricing in GXEAST, that means the more you buy, the lower price you will get. FOB price term means Free On Board (prices for HongKong and Macao are on the Ex-Warehouse basis), which includes fees like procurement, transportation, warehousing, loading container, documents preparation, inspection, etc., but ocean freight and insurance are excluded.

How to get more discount?
If you place an order for large quantity, we will make you a special offer.

How about the transportation?
Let us do it for you! You can entrust us with all such jobs like procurement, transportation to the warehouse and collaboration there. For the shipment, if you like, we can help you book the shipping space. You simply pay us the freight and then we pay the shipping company.


How about the export procedures?

Don’t worry. We will do all these things.

Is the quality reliable?

Quality control is our strength and we will do our best to select high-quality products.

How about the standards of different countries ?

We have building materials available that meet the standards of many countries, but not all. And of course, we can find the suitable manufacturer to satisfy your special requirement, if any.


 What's a large order (or deal)?

If your order calls for a large quantity, then such order will be treated as a large deal. Although the definition of a large order varies with product type, it is our usual practice that the more you buy, the lower price you will enjoy.


What's the special order?

If you can not find the liked item on the GXEAST, please send us an e-mail through the window of “special order”. We will help you purchase the items that you like.


What's the processing workshop?

The processing workshop is mainly for the non-standard products, or customer-designed products. For example, different specifications of doors, windows, iron gates or fencing and so on, can be available.


What's the inventory promotion?

The inventory is the leftover of some factories that we help sell at better price.

How to pay? Is there any guarantee?

T/T, or L/C, means telegraphic transfer or letter of credit. Both are OK. Don’t worry, your payment can be with bank guarantee.

What is the relationship of GXEAST, Guangdong Metals & Minerals Import & Export Group Corporation (Guangdong Metals & Minerals Import & Export Corporation Ltd.) and Guangdong Dong Fang Import and Export Corporation?

GXEAST is a professional distribution service platform of export building materials, which is operated by Guangdong Metals & Minerals Import & Export Group Corporation (Guangdong Metals & Minerals Import & Export Corporation Ltd.) and Guangdong Dong Fang Import and Export Corporation. All your orders to GXEAST platform will be exported by one of these two companies and the payment is also remitted to the account of one of them. Guangdong Metals & Minerals Import & Export Group Corporation was established in 1953, and Guangdong Dong Fang Import and Export Corporation in 1981, both of them are trustworthy!


Can I buy something beyond the building materials?

We are a professional exporter of building materials, if you need us to help purchase some products beyond our main lines, we are certainly pleased to do it for you.



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